Arsenal want to sign £72m rated Serie A defender

By Football Italia staff
The Bianco-Neri have been trying to sign the player for a long time, but the price was too high.
Now, the club is looking for a compromise.
The player is worth at least £72 million, which is a good price for the club.
However, the player is not the only option for the Bianco Neri.
They can also sign a goalkeeper from the Serie A, who is worth a lot more.
That is why the club will have to pay a high price for this player.
In the summer, the Bianconeri will have a lot of new players, so the club needs to make a good selection of players.
This is why they are trying to get a goalkeeper who is already in good shape.
Juventus have already made a good offer for the player, but it is too high for the price.
Therefore, the price of the player will be lower, but there are still a lot to do.
It is also important for the team to strengthen the defense.
At the moment, the team has a very weak position, so they need to strengthen it.
If they do not do this, the fans will not be happy with the results of the club, which will be very bad for Juventus.

The club will need to make some changes, because the situation in the Serie B is very unstable.
There are several clubs fighting for the places in the playoffs, and the Bianconi are one of them.
Thus, the situation is not good for the fans, and they will not forgive the club for the bad results.
You can follow the situation of the team on the website of sports statistics.
Here, you can find the latest information about the team and the players. It is very important for Juventus, because they are fighting for a place in the Champions League zone.
Moreover, the players are not in good form, so it is very difficult for the coach to get the desired result.
Despite this, it is possible, because there are several good teams in the fight for the title.
One of them is Napoli, which has a good lineup and a good coach.
As for the players, they need time to recover, so there will be a lot for them to do in the next season.
Will Juventus be able to compete with Napoli?
The answer to this question is very simple.
Napoli is not a very strong team, but Juventus is a very good team.
For this reason, the coach of the Biancons will have no problems in getting the desired results.
However it is important for him to strengthen his defense, because it is not very strong.
Also, the Napoli lineup is not that good, so if the coach wants to get results, he needs to strengthen this position.
He can do this by signing a goalkeeper, who will be able not only to save the goal, but also to make other important saves.
Such a goalkeeper will be worth a good deal.
According to the website, the cost of the goalkeeper is about £72.5 million.
Another option for Juventus is to sign a defender, who can become a good option for other teams.
Many fans are looking forward to the arrival of a new star in the club’s lineup.
These players will be the main goal of the coach, who wants to fight for a higher place in Serie A.
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The season of the Italian championship has already ended, and it has shown that the clubs are not at their best.
Among the reasons for this, there are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Weak lineup. 1.3. The club does not have a good goalkeeper.
3. Unstable position of the teams in Serie B.
4. Unsuccessful transfers.
5. Unfavorable transfer policy of the clubs.
6. Unsustainable financial situation.
7. Lackadaisical coaching.
8. Unsuitable playing style of the players of the championship.
9. Unprofessional behavior of the referees.
10. Lack in the level of the league.
11. Lack off-field problems.
12. Unhealthy competition.
13. Lack leadership.
14. Unbalanced distribution of the positions in the championship table.
15. Lack stability.
16. Unreliable results. This is a serious problem for the clubs, because a lot depends on the results. If the clubs do not get the results they expect, then they will lose their place in Italy and the Champions Cup.
So far, the season has shown the worst results for Juventus in Serie a.
After the departure of the main star of the previous season, Cristiano Ronaldo, the results have not been so good.
On the website you can follow all the results, as well as the statistics of the game.
Thanks to this, you will be aware of the changes in the standings and the changes of the results in the games of the Serie a championship. It is important to follow the results and the statistics, because this will allow you to understand the situation better.
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The Serie A championship is one of the most important tournaments in the world.

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