Barcelona ‘willing to sell Andre Gomes’ if Philippe Coutinho or Dembele arrive too late. Sources.

The transfer window is in full swing, and the rumours about the latest deals are already starting to circulate. The main transfer that will be discussed is the one involving the Brazilian forward, who has already been linked with a number of clubs, including Liverpool.
The Brazilian forward is a player who can become a real sensation, and he has already managed to score several goals for Barcelona. The club has already shown interest in signing the player, and it is now up to the club management to decide whether they will be able to sign him or not.
Will Coutinho leave Barcelona?
The club management has already started to make their minds up about the possible transfer, and they are trying to find a suitable option for the player. Coutinho has already scored several goals, and if he is able to repeat his performance, then the club will be very happy.
However, the Brazilian player is not the only one who is being considered for the transfer. The most likely option is Dembelem, who is a young player who is in great form. The player is a left-footed player, who can also score goals, although he is not able to do it consistently.
It is also worth mentioning the fact that the club is also interested in the player of the Netherlands, who was the main player of Ajax in the past season. However, the club has to decide what to do with the player and when, and this is what the club needs to do.
Who is the best option for Coutinho?
There are a few players who are considered as the most likely candidates for the signing of Coutinho. The first of them is the club’s main striker, which is Lionel Messi. The Argentinean player is already in great shape, and even if he does not score many goals, he is still able to score important ones.
Another player who has a high probability of being able to leave the club in the next transfer window, is the Brazilian. The fact that he is already scoring many goals for the club, and that he has a good contract with the club.
If the club manages to sign the player in the near future, then it will be a real coup for the team, and Coutinho will become a key player for the players.
Main Transfer News of the Current Transfer Window
The current transfer window has already ended, and there are already a lot of interesting transfers that have been discussed. The latest news about them can be found on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Among the most interesting transfers are the following:
1. A number of players have already left the club for the summer. Among them are:
● Sergio Busquets;

● Sergio Busquet;
2. The Brazilian forward Andre Gome.
3. Dembe.
4. Maxi.
5. Lautaro.
6. Lucas.
7. Rodrigo.
8. Fabinho.
9. Griezmann.
10. Modric.
11. Higuaín.
12. Suarez.
13. Messi.
14. Coutinh.
15. Benzema.
16. Benz.
17. Benzeta.
18. Semedo.
19. Sanchez.
20. Llorente.
21. Lloret.
22. Llores.
23. Llort.
24. Llorença.
25. Llop.
26. Lloveros.
27. Llut.
28. Lluc.
29. Llibert.
30. Llus.
31. Lluevano.
32. Llaveiro.
33. Llanez.
34. Llano.
They are all players who can help the club to achieve a great result in the upcoming season.
What are the main transfer rumors?
It has already become clear that the transfer market is very active, and many clubs are interested in signing players. One of the most talked about transfers is the transfer of Coutinha, who will be the main striker of the club next season. The Brazilian player has already made a lot for the Barcelona, and now the club wants to make a deal with him.
There have already been rumors that the player will leave the team. The rumors are that the team management is trying to sign a new striker, and in this case Coutinho is the player who the club would like to buy.
This transfer is a good opportunity for the Catalan club to strengthen the team in the attack, and also to get a good player for a long-term contract.
Coutinho’s Transfer Situation
The player has a contract with Barcelona, which will last for three seasons. The contract also includes a clause that the players can leave the Catalan team at any time. Couthinha has already left several teams in the Spanish championship, and his departure is a big blow to the team that needs to find new players in the attacking line.
In the current season, the team managed to get the first place in the championship, but the team has not managed to win the trophy. This is due to the fact the club did not have a good selection of players in attack.

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