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The English Premier League is the most popular football tournament in the world. This season, the clubs of the top division of English football are fighting for the title. The fight for the champion title is very intense and exciting.
This season, Chelsea and Manchester United have already met in the most important match of the season. The game was really interesting, and the final result was the same as the previous one.
However, the outcome of the game was quite unexpected. The Blues were defeated by the Red Devils by a score of 1:0. The final result of the match was the following:
* 0:0;
* 1:1;

In the first match, the Blues were really strong, but the Red devils were not so convincing. In the second match, Chelsea was more balanced, but still the Red team was stronger.
After the match, it became clear that the Red players did not have enough motivation to fight for a long time. The team lost its motivation after the first round of the championship.
In general, the English Premier league is very interesting for fans from all over the world, because the teams are constantly changing. The clubs fight for gold medals, which is why they are called “the best teams in the country”.

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Chelsea vs Man United live score today
The season of the English premier league is already in full swing. The teams are fighting to become the champion, and they are doing their best to do it.
It is very important for the team to win the title, because this will help them to get into the Champions League zone. The main goal of the Chelsea is to win all the trophies of the tournament.
At the beginning of the current season, Manchester United was the favorite of the league. The Red Devils had a good start, and their performance was really good. The club managed to score a lot of goals, which allowed them to win a lot.
But the team was not able to win gold medals. The first matches of Jose Mourinho’s team were really unsuccessful. The Portuguese coach managed to make the team lose points, and this is a result of his coaching style.
During the matches, the Red can not show their full power. The Manchester United is not a team that is able to fight against the strongest clubs in the league, but it is still able to compete with the leaders of the Premier league.
Manchester United vs Chelsea live score
The first matches were not successful for the Red, but they were really successful for Manchester United. The players of the club were able to show their maximum, and it was really impressive.
Jose Mourinho�
Jose is a coach from Portugal, who managed to become a great coach. He is known for his excellent tactics and the ability to motivate his players. Mourinho has managed to achieve a lot, and he managed to win many trophies.
He managed to get the Champions league, the Europa league, and many more. Mourinho is a really good coach, and his team is able not only to win, but also to get a lot in the tournament arena.
United vs Chelsea match live score on the sports statistics website
The game of the first matches was really successful, and Mourinho”s team managed to show its maximum. The results of the matches were really good, and Manchester united was able to get only one point.
Despite the fact that the team lost points, it was able not to lose the game. Mourinho‘s team is really good at the game, and its players are able to score goals even when they are not in the best condition.
They managed to do this, and in the end, the team of Jose managed to beat the team from the Red. The result of this match was a 1:2, which was a really great result for the club.
Live score of the Manchester United vs. Chelsea match
The next match of Mourinho“s team will be very important, because it will be the first of many matches. The outcome of this game will be really important, and we will see whether the team will manage to get gold medals in the Premier League or not.
If the team manages to win this match, then it will become the first champion of England. The next match will be a really difficult game for the Mourinho‟s team, because they have a lot to lose.
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The current season of English Premier is very exciting. The top division is very competitive, and there are a lot chances to win. The best teams fight for victory, and every match is really important for them.
There are a number of interesting matches of this season, and a lot is happening in them.

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