Chelsea youngster signs for Viitorul Constanta on a free transfer

The young Romanian player, who joined the team from the Ligue 1 club, had already played for the team in the international arena. He scored the first goal in the Champions League zone for the club, which was followed by a goal in Serie A.

The transfer of the young player from the team of the legendary coach, Cristian Mungiu, is a good sign for the future of the team. The new coach, who is also the owner of the club and the head of the football federation, has already managed to strengthen the team and bring it closer to the top of the standings.
The team’s performance in the domestic arena has improved noticeably. In the first half of the season, the team managed to win only three matches. However, this is not a bad result considering the fact that the team has already won the Europa League and the Champions Cup.
Moreover, the club is now in the second half of its domestic season. The team has a good chance of winning the champion title. The main task of the new coach is to strengthen his team in order to compete for the title in the next season.
In the next few months, the fans will get to see the results of the game of the “Livescores” team.
Livescore results of Romanian football teams
The season of the Romanian championship has already ended, and the fans of the championship are eagerly waiting for the results. The fans can follow the livescore results on the website of sports statistics.
This season, many teams from the country have already reached the Champions’ League zone. The most interesting clubs are:
* “Cluj”;
* the ”Dinamo” from Bucharest;
* “Inter”.
It is interesting to note that the ‘Inter’ team has been the main favorite of the tournament for a long time. The club has won the Champions’ Cup in the first season of its existence.
After the first round, the ’Inter‘ team was in the zone of the Europa Cup. In this tournament, the main goal is to win the title.
“Clicar” is the team that has not yet reached the zone. It is interesting that the club has not won the title for a number of years. The reason for this is the fact, that the coach of the squad, Cristi Puiu, has not been able to find the right combination of players for the game.
Fans can follow livescore football results of “Clicar’” on the sports statistics website. The website provides information on the results from all over the world.
Cristian Tarcai and the team”Dino”
The summer transfer campaign of Cristian Tocan, the head coach of ”Clica”, has come to an end. The head coach, whose name is also known for the fact he has managed to bring the team to the Champions league zone, has decided to terminate the contract.
However, the new season of ‘Dino’’ is not going to be easy for the coach. The coach of this team has to find a new solution for the problem of the lack of motivation of the players.
One of the main reasons for this lack of enthusiasm is the failure of the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has left the team, which is now called “Dino’.” The reasons for the departure of the Portuguese player are the following:
1. “lack of motivation” of the player.
2. Failure of the transfers.
3. Lack of the participation in the matches of the Champions club.
4. The failure of transfers of other players.
Fans of the sport can follow sports statistics on the site of sports information.
Main results of Romania championship
The championship of Romania has already come to a close. The season has been very successful for the country, which has won a lot of trophies. The championship of the country is held in the summer, and this year the fans can expect to see a lot new achievements.
Among the main trophies won by Romania, the most interesting are:
1) The title of the champion of Europe.
1a) The victory in the Europa league.
a) The victory of the Cup of Romania.
b) The win in the Cup Winners Cup. It is worth noting that the Cup won by the team is the most prestigious trophy in the country.
Another important trophy is the victory in Super Cup. The Super Cup is held every year, and it is the best club trophy in Romania. The winners of this trophy are able to participate in the main club tournament of the year, the Europa tournament.
Thanks to the livescores football results, fans can always follow the results on a convenient platform. The site provides information from all parts of the world, which allows the fans to follow the progress of the teams in the championship.
Latest football news from the world of Romania
The football season in Romania has come and gone. The country has a lot to show, and fans can watch the results thanks to the information on

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